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Ad Lib Lamb Milk Feeders

  • Save the hassle of trying to sell the lambs or look for a foster ewe.
  • Our lamb orphan feeders will provide a constant supply of warm milk to pet lambs.
  • In the case of triplets, quads or larger births then the ewe won’t be able to feed all of the lambs adequately or in the case of a ewe dying or abandoning her lamb, depriving them of milk, our lamb orphan feeders is the solution.
  • They are thermostatically controlled to ensure that the milk is kept at an ideal Temperature.
  • It has a milk capacity of 10 litres and could feed up to 10 lambs filling morning and night.
  • The Ad Lib Lamb Milk Feeder has proven to be a popular choice for sheep farmers all across Ireland and the UK due to its high success rate with orphaned lambs.

How It Works

The Lamb orphan Feeder consists of two containers. The main body is filled with water up to the mark and then it is heated and thermostatically maintained at a temperature warm enough to heat the milk stored in the second inner container. The milk is fed through clear tubing to the teat which has a non return valve. The non return valve not only ensures the supply of milk is constant but it also prevents the milk in the feeder from becoming contaminated.
Features of Our Ad Lib Lamb Milk Feeder
* Provides constant supply of warm milk.
* Thermostatically controlled.
*Comes in two containers with, lamb mini suckler kit, teats, clear tubing and thermostat.
* Feed up to 10 lambs with a single feeder.
* Manufactured from durable and easily cleaned materials.
* Teats and inner container easily removed for cleaning.
* Non return valves prevent contamination of milk.
* Reduced labour.
* Earlier weaning.
* Lambs have no problem latching on.
* They can drink till there content.
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