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Delfan Plus V

  • Delfan Plus V is an organic liquid nitrogen fertiliser from vegetal origin amino acids designed for the nitrogen nutrition of plants.
  • Can be used in organic agriculture.
  • The plant needs to synthesise a lot of Amino Acids to deal with the stressful growing conditions.
  • Plant growth slows down while the plant diverts energy into making Amino Acids to alleviate the stressful conditions.
  • Yield and quality are reduced as a result.
  • By supplying Amino Acids and Organic Nitrogen to the plant before or during these crucial stressful stages the plant can continue its maximum growth and yield potential without setback.
  • As stressful events occur continuously throughout the growing season best results are achieved by applying Amino Acids little and often rather than one single large application.
  • Available in 10L drum.

Guaranteed Contents:

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 4.6% g/g (51.5 g/L).
  • Organic Nitrogen (N): 4.6% g/g (51.5g/L).

Main Benefits of Delfan Plus V:

  • Exclusive biostimulant due to its unique source of vegetal L-α-amino acids.
  • Increase in the yield and quality of the harvests by direct effect on photosynthetic constituents and protein synthesis.
  • Efficient anti-stress effect and energy saving since it strengthens and improves the response of the crops to adverse climatic conditions and deleterious impact of agricultural labours.
  • Invigorating and stimulating effect particularly during critical periods of the crop (transplanting, pre-flowering, ripening).
  • Immediate response to foliar application, showing carrier effect when combined with nutritional products.
  • Suitable product for Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation No. 834/2007 and 889/2008 and to NOP rules. Control ECOCERT SA F-32600.


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