Shine Ewe-Reka 20kg Bag

  • Shine Ewe-reka is made with ewe milk – the closest milk replacer to mothers milk!
  • To help improve lamb health and performance Shine Ewe-Reka is made with whey products from ewe’s milk.
  • Ewe milk has long been used to make cheese’s such as Roquefort, Manchego and Bleu D’ Auvergne and we have taken the by-products of this cheese production to make a milk replacer as close to mother milk as it can be.
  • Unlike cow’s milk this milk will contain antibodies to specific sheep diseases that will help to keep orphan lambs healthy.
  • Available in 4.5kg bucket, 20kg blue bag and 20kg free flow purple bag.
  • Shine Ewe-Reka – the number 1 formulation in Europe – used to rear nearly 1 million lambs last year.

Benefits of Shine Ewe-Reka:

  • Sourced from ewe`s milk.
  • Naturally derived antibodies – healthier stronger lambs.
  • Contains high levels of coconut to minimise clostridia growth in the lambs intestine.
  • Made with a five fat blends of oils, yeast and plant extracts to aid digestion and prevent bloat.
  • Ewe milk aroma and flavour for stronger drinking reflex.

Shine Ewe-Reka Feeding Rate:

  • 20% solids (200g powder made up to 1L milk) or 250g + 1L water.
  • Can be mixed warm or cold.
  • Do not mix using boiling water.

Shine Ewe-Reka Composition:

  • Protein – 23%.
  • Fat – 25%.
  • Fibre – 0.05%.
  • Ash – 8%.


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