Headstart Garlic Summer Lick

  • Headstart Garlic Summer Lick contains a highly potent human grade source of garlic and is designed to reduce fly nuisance in livestock and issues associated with flies (for example summer mastitis).
  • Headstart garlic summer lick helps keeps flies off cattle.
  • Garlic is an effective way to create a fly repellent.
  • By providing garlic in a lick which the animal consumes, the garlic is absorbed by the animal over the following days and is secreted out from pores in the skin to make the skin less attractive to flies and biting insects.
  • Contains 33% more garlic than competitor products.
  • Reduces the risk of summer mastitis developing.
  • Reduces fly nuisance.
  • Will provide cattle with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements also.
  • Suitable for horses, sheep and cattle.
  • Headstart garlic summer lick is available in 18kg bucket or a full pallet of 44 buckets.

Feeding instructions:

Not suitable for lactating animals producing milk for human consumption as garlic can taint the milk. Remove from animals 2 weeks prior to milking.

Remove from animals 2 weeks prior to slaughter as garlic can taint the meat.

  • The benefits of headstart garlic summer lick are:


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18kg bucket, 18kg full pallet (48 buckets)


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