Headstart Thriver

  • Headstart thriver is a 2 in 1 block feed supplement to supply feed and mineral supplementation in one convenient block.
  • The block is formulated to complement and maximise the utilisation of home grown forages.
  • For livestock the little and often feeding of Headstart thriver supports better utilisation and digestion of cheaper home grown feeds.
  • Headstart thriver contains energy, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements.
  • It can be supplemented to growing calves, weanlings and young stock .
  • Contains B1 which helps reduce incidences of CNN deficiency.
  • Multiple sources of copper.
  • Contains seaweed, an organic source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Headstart thriver will help maximise thrive and performance in cattle.
  • Headstart thriver available in 30kg bucket or a full pallet of 36 buckets.

Recommended feeding rate:

Cattle: 75g per 100kg bodyweight. This equates to 1 x 30kg bucket per 25 x 200kg animals every 8 days.


See also:

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Choose size

30kg bucket, 30kg full pallet (36 buckets)


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