Muscleright Sheep drench has been proven time and again, in the field, in the finishing shed, at the mart and in the show ring.


Muscleright Sheep

  • A uniquely formulated drench with a nutritional boost for sheep containing trace elements, minerals, vitamins and vital amino acids.
  • Muscleright Sheep high in Vitamins A, B1 B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D, E and K3.
  • Muscleright Sheep high in Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt and Manganese.
  • Muscleright Sheep contains vital amino acids to greatly increase feed intake.
  • High levels of specific minerals and vitamins necessary for increased weight gain.
  • Muscleright Sheep can help in increasing the conversion of the diet of commercial or pedigree stock.
  • Improved weight gain and muscle gain.
  • Muscleright Sheep can enhance the performance of your stock and add more muscle and quality carcasses to your sheep.
  • A must for all pedigree and commercial sheep breeders to get the best out of your livestock.
  • Muscleright Sheep drench is available in 1L and 2.5L.

Muscleright Sheep Drench Feeding Instructions:

  • Lambs – 5ml.
  • Year Olds – 15ml.
  • Adult Sheep – 20ml.
  • Recommended feed via drenching gun or water trough.
  • For oral use only.


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