Natural Nutrition RingWormer recording significant success in treating ringworm in cattle.

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Natural Nutrition RingWormer

  • In Suckler calves and young suckler cattle, Ringworm infection often occurs during autumn or winter months when animals are moved into sheds and there is crowding, higher humidity, lower mineral and vitamin intake and less sunlight.
  • Ringworm infection often starts around the eyes and can cause scaling and a grayish crusting of the head in calves and on the chest or brisket of older animals.
  • The moisture around the eyes enables the fungal spores to adhere and start to grow and because of cattle’s use of their head to determine their rank in a group, it is often abraded and more easily colonised.
  • Most feeding systems require the animals push their head through an opening to eat which facilitates spore transmission and spread.
  • Malnutrition may predispose young animals to ringworm, having a good nutritional program is important.
  • If a calf whose dam doesn’t milk well, bucket reared calf, a calf that got an infection or any animal with a mineral deficiency in our experience would be a prime candidate for contracting ringworm.
  • Even though the fungal spores are present in the environment and animals are always exposed, if they have a functional immune system, they fight it off.
  • Natural Nutrition RingWormer is sought when it’s time for the show and sale, the mart, when ringworm will affect the price of sale.
  • RingWormer is also used when it becomes a threat to stressed animals and when bringing the animals into the shed for wintering.
  • Natural Nutrition RingWormer treatment has been recording significant success with its treatment of ringworm through the elimination of mineral deficiency due to high genetic performance in calves, weanlings or suckler calves stressed and/or malnourished.
  • Use Natural Nutrition’s RingWormer and help clear off the ringworm.


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