Fuel calf growth with our convenient nutritional supplement, specially tailored for farmers. Bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics, it kick-starts the calves journey.

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Natural Stockcare At Birth Syringes

  • A complementary feedingstuff for the optimal kick-start for calves.
  • Natural stockcare at birth syringes will help with calf growth and help kick start the newborn calf.
  • At Birth tubes are carefully crafted to foster a thriving gut microbiome in newborn calves.
  • These specialised probiotic and prebiotic supplements contain live bacteria that shield against harmful pathogens, which ensures a healthy gut lining.
  • By creating a favourable environment, they cultivate beneficial bacteria growth, guaranteeing optimum gut health right from birth.
  • By promoting a healthy gut microbiome and improving nutrient absorption, these syringes optimise the utilisation of nutrients from their diet.
  • At Birth tubes stimulate local immunity in the gut, triggering the production of chemical messengers that enhance immune responses throughout the calf’s body.
  • This full support helps diminish infection risks and amplifies overall health and immunity in newborn calves.
  • Supplementing with probiotics and prebiotics, you can enhance the health and immunity of newborn calves without relying on antibiotics, which supports sustainable management of calf health.
  • Administering At Birth syringes is effortless and delivers immediate benefits to newborn calves.
  • These syringes supply essential nutrients and energy during the crucial initial hours after birth, nurturing healthy development and helping to establish a strong foundation for long-term well-being.
  • At birth syringes are available in a 30g syringe or a full box of 25 x 30g syringes.

Natural Stockcare At Birth Syringes Contains:

  • Dried egg powder.
  • Essential vitamins, chelated trace elements and oligosaccharides.
  • Contains vitamins A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, E and biotin.
  • Contains a probiotic to colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Directions For Use:

  • Orally feed the contents of one whole syringe into the back of the calf`s mouth within the first 12 hours of life.


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30g syringe, full box (25 x 30g syringes)


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