ProbiVit-E is a specialised supplement from Natural Stockcare designed to support gut health and immunity in young calves, lambs and pigs.

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Natural Stockcare Probivit-E

  • Natural Stockcare Probivit-E is a probiotic to enhance healthy gut function.
  • Restores the natural balance between harmful and beneficial bacteria.
  • A new improved formula with Vitamin E.
  • Stockline Probivit-E contains 500,000 million viable organisms and 30 mg of vitamin E (3a700) per 1 g.
  • Contains EU approved probiotics.
  • Administer to all new animals after birth, and all bought in or batched animals, to ensure a positive gut population of beneficial natural micro-organisms is quickly established.
  • A well balanced and thriving gut population will assist all animals to grow and develop.
  • For animals subject to stress or following antibiotic treatment administer for 5 days or as required.
  • Sheep Improvement Scheme (SIS) approved.
  • Available in 4kg bucket to sprinkle on top of feed or 30g paste in syringe.

Stockline ProbiVit-E products should be given to:

  • All new animals as soon as possible after birth.
  • All bought in or batched animals.
  • All animals subject to stress.
  • All animals suffering from loss of appetite.
  • After antibiotic treatment.

Directions for Use for Probivit-E 4kg Top Dress:

  • Sprinkle in the milk replacer or on top of solid feed.
  • Calves – 10g per calf per day until calf is eating 1.5kg per day solid food and at any time of stress e.g. bought in calves.
  • Adult Cattle – 20g per animal per day.
  • Dairy Cattle – 20g per animal per day.
  • Lambs – 5g per animal per day.
  • Sheep – 5g per animal per day.
  • Piglets/Weaners – 20g per litter per day, top dressed onto feed.
  • Sows – 20g per sow for 14 days and 7 days past.
  • Parturition – Top dressed onto feed to reduce contamination of the environment for piglets with undesirable micro-organisms.

Directions for use for Probivit-E Paste:

  • Place nozzle at the back of the tongue.
  • Calves – 3g.
  • Piglets – 2g.
  • Lambs – 2g.


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