Nutribio Megaboost

  • Rich in U.D.P. and protected energy for high performance ewes and cattle.
  • Contains Bioplex Zinc and high levels of Vitamin E.
  • Ideal performance booster for twin bearing ewes at grass and suckling ewes and cattle also.
  • Acts as an aid in the prevention of twin lamb disease.
  • Helps stimulate and improve milk production.
  • Improves roughage intakes and utilisation.
  • High powered energy and protein content of 17%.
  • Improves lambing percentage.
  • Nutribio megaboost contains completely natural top quality ingredients including, molasses, oilseeds (and oilseed by-products), protected protein, cereals, protected fat and minerals/vitamins.
  • Nutribio megaboost feed blocks provide a readily soluble supply of sugars to activate rumen microbes and maximise forage utilisation.
  • The block has been manufactured using only natural vegetable sources.
  • Approved as an organic lick bucket by the IOA and for use on organic cattle and sheep.
  • Nutribio megaboost available in 20kg bucket or full pallet of 48 x 20kg buckets.

Key Points on Nutribio Megaboost Lick Buckets:

  • Specially formulated for use in periods of medium energy requirement and pre-lambing.
  • Adequate for single bearing ewes.
  • Can be used to delay the introduction of concentrates in twin bearing ewes.
  • The ideal choice for mixed cattle and sheep systems.
  • Use at tupping to improve ewe condition and fertility.


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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Choose size

20kg, full pallet (48 buckets)


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