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Phylgreen 200

  • Phylgreen 200 is a pure seaweed cold extrract obtained from Ascophyllum nodosum.
  • Phylgreen 200 is a biostimulant recommended for all kinds of applications but is especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations.
  • Phylgreen 200 seaweed extract is obtained by cold extraction; a gentle process applied on fresh Ascophyllum nodosum which preserves all active ingredients without denaturalization and ensures their bioavailability.
  • The result is a green liquid extract, completely soluble, containing vitamins, antioxidants, pigments, macro and micronutrients, alginates, polyphenols, amino acids, etc.
  • The cold extraction process makes Phylgreen 200 an innovative and unique biostimulant especially recommended to stimulate germination, sprouting, flowering, fruit set and maturation.
  • Used to improve plant adaption after transplanting and to overcome salinity stress and other environmental stress conditions.
  • Available in 10L drum.
  • For use on crops such as grass, cereals, oil seed rape, potato, lettuce, cabbage, and other, garlic, carrot, beetroot, onion, endive, strawberry and apple.

Guaranteed Contents:

  • Dry matter 8%.
  • Elements (% w/w on dry matter) – Nitrogen (N): 1% w/w Phosphorous (P): 0.15% w/w Pottasium (K): 2.4% w/w.
  • Other nutrient contents (% w/w on dry matter) – Sulphur (S): 1.6% w/w Magnesium (Mg): 0.65% w/w Calcium (Ca): 0.42% w/w.
  • Other traces – also contains Fibres, Mannitol and Antioxidants.
  • Low nutrient fertiliser.


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