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Rumen Rocket

Rumen rocket is a complex and potent prebiotic blend specifically formulated for dairy cows, that vigorously enhances rumen performance. This results in producing exceptional production, fertility and health benefits for the animal.

Feeding instructions:

Complementary feeding stuff for ruminants.

  • Dairy Cows: 50g/head/day.
  • Finishing Cattle: 40g – 50g/head/day.
  • Weanlings: 30g/head/day.
  • Calves: 10g – 20g/head/day.
  • Ewes: 10g/head/day.
  • Finishing Lambs: 5g/head/day.

No other supplementary minerals should be fed without veterinary or nutritional advice.


See also:

Sealac Seaweed Flake, Vet Tech Pre-Calver & High Phos Fertility + Chelates Post Calver.

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