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Shine Once A Day

Shine Once-a-day is Europe’s number 1 choice for Once-a-day milk feeding.

Once-a-day milk feeding has been proven worldwide for more than 30 years to produce calves on par with any other calf rearing system available. There are a few caveats.

Calves must be fed a low heat skim-based milk replacer or cow’s milk fortified with a skim-based calf milk to ensure the milk forms a firm curd in the calf’s stomach and is slowly digested throughout the day.

The milk replacer should also contain a blend of plant oils and buttermilk to increase digestion and dry feed intake.

Calves must have access to roughage concentrates and fresh water.

  • Shine Once-a-day fed calves receive the same amount of milk powder as twice- a- day calves, but in a smaller volume. The Once-a-day fed calves need to use less energy to excrete this extra liquid and they also eat more dry feed. Total energy intake is therefore higher so performance is better.
  • Feeding calves Once-a-day allows farmers to keep calves in small groups and there is no need to share teats. These two factors alone reduce disease spread and illness significantly.
  • The day is more flexible so calves get more attention allowing sick animals to be treated and isolated faster.
  • Feeding Shine Once-a-day With water -200g/L mixed milk and feed 3-4 L per day. With milk add 50g/L of cow’s milk and feed 3-4L of mixture per day.


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