Sweetlics Easi Mag

  • Formulated for supplementing all ages of cattle and ewes.
  • Sweetlics easi mag is designed to help maintain normal blood magnesium levels in cattle and sheep.
  • Helps prevent and reduce the occurrence of grass tetany.
  • Contains 15% magnesium in a palatable form to ensure intakes.
  • Contains high levels of magnesium vital for nerve and muscle function.
  • Contains zinc which supports feet and animals udders.
  • Sweetlics easi mag contains iodine which is important for supporting metabolism.
  • Sweetlics easi mag contains no copper.
  • Supports fertility, thrive and performance in cattle and sheep.
  • Sweetlics easi mag is available in 18kg bucket or a full pallet of 44 buckets.

Recommended maximum feeding rate:

Cows: 250g per cow per day. 1 block per 10 cows every 8 days.

Ewes: 30g per ewe per day. 1 block per 50 ewes every 13.5 days.


See also:

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18kg bucket, 18kg full pallet (48 buckets)


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