Thrive Master Ovi + Copper

A high energy complementary nutritional and energy drench for lambs and sheep. A liquid drench that is unique and energy concentrated chelated mineral, trace element and vitamin drench for growth and thrive in all ages of sheep. Thrive master ovi + copper will improve the rumen in sheep and will reduce the risk of mineral, trace element and vitamin deficiencies during the sheep`s growing stages.

Instructions For Use

Thrive master ovi + copper is ideal for sheep low in copper to help build up their copper levels.

This product contains: copper, rumen conditioning agent, amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace elements.

Thrive master ovi + copper should be fed on an individual basis and can be added to a small quantity of feed for accurate intake.

Feeding Rate:

2ml per 5kg bodyweight at 3 week intervals as required for growth and thrive.

Lambs from 5 weeks-5ml                           Lambs at weaning-10ml

Stores-20ml                                                Adult sheep-20ml


See also:

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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