A mineral and vitamin bolus suitable to use on organic sheep.

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Tracesure Organic Sheep Bolus

Tracesure organic sheep bolus is a supplementary bolus that supplies sheep and lambs with cobalt, selenium and iodine. The boluses are designed to use a unique slow release leeching system that will release minerals  slowly over a six month period. These boluses are ideal for supplementing sheep that don`t require copper and for copper sensitive breeds.

Tracesure organic sheep boluses can improve your flocks health, performance, thrive and reduce your concentrate use. The tracesure organic sheep bolus is perfect to use for the new sheep scheme (Sheep Improvement Scheme) under the action pre-weaning mineral supplementation. These boluses should be administered using the tracesure sheep metal bolus gun. Tracesure organic sheep bolus is an organic bolus suitable to use on organic sheep.

Content Per Bolus Supplied per Day
Cobalt 185 mg 1.03mg
Iodine 660 mg 3.67mg
Selenium 100 mg 0.56mg

Benefits of Tracesure Organic Sheep Bolus:

  • Gives lambs the best possible start in life.
  • Hit target weights earlier.
  • For growth, vitality and thrive.
  • Hit fertility targets.
  • Support ovarian function.
  • For healthy immune responses.
  • For improved vigour and cell function.
  • Save on feed costs and get more out of your grass.
  • Ideal to give pre-breeding and pre-lambing.
  • Available in 200 bolus pack.
  • An organic bolus suitable to use on organic sheep.
  • Tracesure sheep bolus with copper available also.


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