Tubby Frobut Orf 14kg giving great results for treatment of orf.

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Tubby Frobut Orf 14kg

  • Tubby Frobut helps to keep healthy skin and has been proven to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of orf.
  • Essential to all sheep when abrasions are prevalent around the mouth and nose.
  • Antiseptic ingredients helps to maintain skin integrity particularly around the mouth and nose area.
  • The special ingredients together with calcium and good levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins encourages strong frames, helps the condition known  as “thistle prick” and improves overall lamb health.
  • Ensure adequate buckets are made available to allow every lamb 24 hour unlimited access.
  • Lambs will help themselves – this is a huge benefit over other forms of treatment.
  • This product will only be effective in areas where saliva is present i.e. mouth, nose, teats etc.
  • Tubby Frobut orf available in 14kg lick bucket or 2 x 14kg lick buckets.

Benefits of Tubby Frobut orf 14kg:

  • Free access availability to all lambs.
  • Full mineral spec with high selenium, vitamins and vitamin B12.
  • Helps support the udder health of the ewe.
  • Helps overall health, supports healthy immune system and energy production.
  • Transfers healing properties of zinc from mouth to udder.

Feeding rate:

  • 1 X 14kg tub for 24 lambs / 4-6 weeks – (approx intake of 14 – 20g/hd/day.


  • All lambs from new-borns to mature ewes.
  • Top Tip – Use with lambs grazing where thistles are growing, to help reduce incidences of thistle prick and subsequent skin issues.


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