Twin Flock drench used on pedigree and commercial ewes to increase fertility and litter size.


Twin Flock

  • Twin Flock drench has been specially formulated to increase fertility in sheep.
  • Ideal for use before tupping as well as during pregnancy.
  • It is supplied in a unique base to enhance absorption providing instant and prolonged energy.
  • Twin Flock drench contains high levels of Vitamins A, B1, B12, C, D, E and many more.
  • Twin Flock drench contains Bioplex Manganese, Cobalt, Potassium Iodide, Selenium and Zinc.
  • Raising the plane of nutrition can be achieved by moving from poor grazing to good grazing, by feeding concentrates or by offering a supplement in solid or liquid form.
  • Twin Flock has been formulated to provide the optimum balance of essential nutrients improving ovulation and conception.
  • It also has beneficial effects on the ewe throughout pregnancy and on the health and vigour of the lambs.
  • Twin Flock will complement any known system of flushing, it is available in a form which includes the use of sponges for synchronisation.
  • Twin Flock drench is available in 1L or 2.5L and comes with or without copper.

Natural Nutrition Twin Flock Feeding Instructions:

  • Lambs: 5ml to 7ml.
  • Ewes and Rams: 1st Application – 15ml 3 weeks before introducing rams.
  • Ewes and Rams: 2nd Application – 15ml on removal of sponge or when putting ram out.
  • Ewes and Rams: or 1 single 20ml dose 2 weeks before putting ram to ewes.
  • Recommended feed via drenching gun for oral use only or water trough.


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