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United Feeds Advance Pulmo +

For the first few weeks of life milk replacer is the main source of nutrients to the calf and so a consistent feeding regime is key. United Feeds range of Calf Milk Replacers are designed to the highest nutritional specification to meet the needs of every rearing enterprise.

Respiratory and intestinal health are of the upmost importance to ensure a calf reaches its full potential. It is for this reason that United Feeds now provide the option of purchasing both the Advance and Nutri Start calf milk replacers with Pulmo+ included. Pulmo+ is a combination of essential oils used to maintain the integrity of the respiratory and intestinal tracts.

Respiratory Health – The respiratory system of a calf is very vulnerable, lungs finish developing relatively late in life; only when the calf is 2 years old are the lungs fully mature. As a result, they have very little reserve capacity and need to be protected. Pulmo + supports breathing and clearing of the airways in a number of ways. It contains essential oils that increase mucus secretion, aiding in the removal of foreign bodies and has a surfactant effect on the surface area of the lungs, decongesting to facilitate easier breathing. Pulmo + contains a natural form of Vitamin E and organically bound Selenium and provides a specific antibacterial activity, enhancing the calf’s immunity through IgA production in the lungs, meaning calves can respond faster to an infection.

Intestinal Health – Calf scour is caused by damage to the intestine from bacteria, viruses or protozoa e.g. Coccidiosis. Intestinal damage can reduce nutrient absorption throughout the lifetime of the animal resulting in lower daily live weight gain. Pulmo + disrupts protozoa development e.g. Cryptosporidia & Coccidiosis, reducing intestinal issues leading to less cases of scour and improved nutrient absorption.


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