Vet Tech Pre-Calver

  • Ideal start for un-born calf and cow.
  • Supports easy calving.
  • Helps ensure birth of healthy calves.
  • Provides ideal balance of bio-available nutrients for the unborn calf and cow.
  • Contains vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous,  manganese, zinc, cobalt, copper, selenium and iodex.
  • Contains magnesium which is the most important mineral to use pre-calving as it`s involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the cow.
  • Contains 10,000 mg vitamin E, one of the highest levels of vitamin E in a  pre-calver on the market.
  • Vet tech pre-calver has the essential vitamins A, D3, E and B12 incorporated which are essential for growth, health, production and fertility.
  • The period of gestation impacts heavily on the calf`s health and long term performance.
  • Vet tech pre-calver provides the essential nutrients for good quality colostrum.
  • Vet tech pre-calver is veterinary approved.
  • Vet tech pre-calver available in a 25kg bag or a full pallet of 42 bags.


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25kg bag, 25kg bag full pallet (42 bags)


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