Zincoisel Sheep Bolus

Zincoisel Sheep Bolus is a unique, soluble glass trace element bolus for sheep, which delivers rumen-available ionic zinc, ionic cobalt, iodine and selenium to the animal at a controlled and constant rate for up to four months. ZincoIsel sheep contains no copper.

ZincoIsel sheep’s unique soluble glass is designed to dissolve at a controlled rate, meaning there are no peaks or troughs in supplementation. 1 ZincoIsel bolus pack contains 50 boluses.


For use in areas of zinc, iodine and selenium deficiencies and for the improvement of cobalt supply.


  • Nil withdrawals- milk, meat and offal of the animal can be used directly after administration.
  • Unique soluble glass technology.
  • Contains four important trace elements for sheep.


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