• Endofluke 100 mg/ml oral suspension is an orally administered drench used for the treatment of liver fluke in cattle and sheep.
  • Endofluke 100 mg/ml fluke drench for cattle and sheep will treat mature, immature and early immature liver fluke (fasciola hepatica).
  • Endofluke’s active ingredient is triclabendazole which is the only active ingredient licensed in Ireland that has been proven to kill all three stages of liver fluke in sheep and cattle.
  • Endofluke 100 mg/ml oral suspension has been approved for use in dairy cattle by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB).

Active Ingredient:

  • Triclabendazole.

Target Species:

  • Cattle and sheep.

Treats and Controls:

  • Mature, immature and early immature liver fluke.

Administration Method:

  • Oral drench.

Withdrawal Time: 

  • Animals should not be treated within 56 days of slaughter for human consumption.
  • Cattle producing milk for human consumption need a withdrawal period of 48 hours after calving.
  • Not intended for use within 45 days of calving.
  • Should a cow calf earlier than 45 days after the last treatment, milk for human consumption may only be taken from 45 days plus 48 hours (47 days) after the last treatment.
  • Not permitted for use in sheep producing milk for human consumption.


See also:

Zerofen 10%, Endospec 10% & Butox Pour-On.

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