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Heptavac P Plus

  • Heptavac-P Plus is an injectable immunisation which reduces mortality in sheep and is used in the control of pasteurellosis pneumonia and clostridial diseases in sheep such as lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus,braxy, blackleg and black disease.
  • Vaccinating your flock with Heptavac-P Plus not only protects your sheep against these conditions but also reduces mortality rates throughout your flock.
  • Vaccinating your sheep with Heptavac-P Plus will protect your sheep at times of stress and reduce mortality rates by protecting against pasteurellosis pneumonia and clostridial diseases.

Active Ingredient:

  • Clostridium perfringens beta toxoid inducing, Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxoid inducing , Clostridium septicum toxoid inducing, Clostridium tetani toxoid inducing, Clostridium novyi toxoid inducing, Clostridium chauvoei cells and equivalent toxoid inducing.

Target Species:

  • Sheep and Lambs from 3 weeks.

Treats and Controls:

  • Pneumonia, lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus,braxy, blackleg and black disease.

Administration Method:

  • Subcutaneous injection (under the skin).

Withdrawal Time: 

  • There is no withdrawal time for this product.


  • 2ml per animal.
  • After the initial vaccination a second dose should be given no less than 4 weeks and no more than 6 weeks after.
  • Always read the label and all enclosed information for Heptavac P Plus before administering to animals!
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Pasteurellosis Pneumonia

  • One of the biggest killer of sheep in Ireland is pasteurellosis pneumonia.
  • The organism that causes this disease is carried on the tonsils of most sheep and when the animals are stressed or run down their immune system is lowered and the disease can take hold.

Clostridial Diseases

  • Clostridial Diseases such as lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus,braxy, blackleg and black disease can all be fatal to sheep.
  • The organisms that cause clostridial diseases can commomly be found in soil and when conditions are right they can even multiply throughout the soil.
  • These organisms can also live in the stomach of sheep with out causing any damage and then spread through the soil via the animals manure.
  • When the conditions are correct for the organism they release toxins which when the sheep are stressed can be fatal.

What causes a sheep to be stressed?

  • Transport: Long journeys and crowded transport conditions.
  • Nutritional Imbalances: Underfeeding or over grazing can both lead to imbalances in the sheep’s needs and can cause ill health.
  • Weather: Extreme heat, humidity, or cold can all cause a sheep to be stressed.
  • Parasites: Parasites such as worms and fluke can lower the immune system and stress the animal.
  • Confinement: Overcrowded confinement or long periods of confinement.
  • Handling: Especially for wilder sheep that are not handled very often.
  • Weaning: The Weaning of Lambs can be extremely stressful.
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