Ozolea mast tubes used for lactating cows and at drying-off. No milk withdrawal and milk no longer discarded.

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Ozolea-mast is a non-drug veterinary device for intra-mammary use in dairy cows that helps dairy farmers reduce the use of antibiotics which are not strictly necessary, both for lactating cows and at drying-off. By reducing the use of unnecessary antibiotics, you will help improve the productivity of your cows, ship more milk and contribute to the global fight to lower antimicrobial resistance. Ozolea-mast contains a food-grade vegetable oil, bioengineered to provide a physical barrier to the inner wall of the teat canal, without any pharmacological or metabolic effect. It supports tissue functionality when not severely compromised.

Lactating Use – Do not wait for a full-blown mastitis; act promptly at the very first signs of tissue unbalance (i.e. altered milk or electrical conductivity warning). Detect the sensitive quarter and gently insert the single-use applicator into the teat canal at the end of milking. Apply and rub gently. Observe the best hygiene practices. Repeat twice a day for four days (or after each milking for a total of 8 applications). For better results and support tissue functionality, repeat the application and observe Ozolea protocols.

Dry-Off Use – One single-use applicator to each quarter at the second to last milking and one single-use applicator to each quarter at the last milking. Ozolea-mast is meant to be used for cows suitable for selective dry protocols.

Benefits of Ozolea-Mast:

  • For intra-mammary  use in dairy cows.
  • Suitable to use for lactating and dry-off applications.
  • No chemical residues in milk and meat.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • No withdrawal and no antibiotic resistance.
  • Milk no longer has to be discarded.
  • Milk can continue to be added to the tank during treatment.
  • 1 box contains 8 single use applicators.


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