Simcro Topical Applicator

  • A dosing gun suitable for topical and oral application of drenches and pour-ons for cattle and sheep.
  • Easy to use dial a dose selector.
  • Comes with dual size hose spigot.
  • Holding capacity of up to 30ml.
  • Comes with T-Bar nozzle, pin stripe nozzle and fan tip nozzle.

Nozzle fitting Instructions

  • To attach nozzle, insert through the nozzle cap.
  • Connect nozzle and nozzle cap to the barrel and screw on most of the way.
  • Position nozzle at preferred angle, then tighten cap down fully.

Operating Instructions

  • Connect applicator to the product pack by attaching a draw-off tube to the hose spigot.
  • Set applicator to the maximum dose.
  • To adjust, turn the dose selector.
  • To prime, hold the applicator with the nozzle pointing vertically upward.
  • Squeeze the handles and then release to allow the barrel to fill the product.

Floating Hook Nozzle Fitting Instructions

  • To attach nozzle, simply attach nozzle cap to the barrel and tighten down fully.


See also:

Bimectin Injection Gun, Automatic Dosing Gun & NJ Phillips Metal Oral Drencher.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


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