• Bioacton is suitable to use either as a pour-on or as an oral drench for livestock.
  • Bioacton is fast and effective against respiratory and udder infections.
  • Bioacton will help improve the general health and support of livestock.
  • Bioacton is a unique widely used in the fight against respiratory infections and diseases.
  • With it`s excellent binding agents, it will deliver a fast and effective solution in getting to work on the problem which has occurred.
  • Suitable to use on all species of livestock including; cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and pets.

Application Rate:

  • 2ml per 10kg.

Key Features:

  • Natural product with zero withdrawal period.
  • Effective in the fight against high somatic cell count in dairy cows.
  • For treatment against viral pneumonia and other respiratory issues.
  • Bioacton can be used for all respiratory, mastitis, inflammation, lameness and general healthcare needs.


See also:

Ozolea-Mast, Allicine Pill Cow 10D & Dectospot Pour-On.

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