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BVP Megacal-M Injection

  • A clear, colourless to pale yellow, sterile, injectable solution containing calcium 4.6% w/v, (as calcium borogluconate), phosphorous 2.0% w/v, (as magnesium hypophosphite) and magnesium 0.8% w/v (as magnesium hyposphite).
  • For the treatment of hypocalcaemia and as an aid in raising blood magnesium levels where a deficiency may be expected.
  • For treatment of downer cows.
  • Restores blood calcium levels in cases of hypocalcaemia and as an aid in raising blood magnesium levels.
  • Low volume calcium prevention to encourage correct application.
  • Highly concentrated calcium for intravenous and subcutaneous administration.
  • Powerful calcium injection with over 4g calcium per 100ml.
  • Zero day meat and milk withdrawal period.
  • A convenient small dose level for cattle.
  • BVP megacal-m injection available in 100ml bottle.

Dosage and Method of Administration:

  • Cattle 100ml – 200ml by subcutaneous or slow intravenous injection.
  • As intravenous administration of this product could cause death, this route should only be used by a veterinary surgeon.
  • Actual dosage to be given intravenously will depend on the clinical condition of the animal and the amount to be used intravenously is left to the expertise of the veterinary surgeon.


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