Clik Extra Pour-On

  • Clik Extra pour-on is a water based, ready to use pour-on suspension containing 65mg/ml dicyclanil.
  • Clik Extra provides up to 19 weeks protection from blowfly strike in sheep.
  • Clik Extra for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep.
  • Clik Extra prevents blowfly strike by Lucilia sericata and Wohlfahrtia magnifica.
  • Clik Extra stops blowfly larvae developing to the damaging second and third stage maggots, which causes flystrike.
  • Clik Extra contains fleecebind technology which ensures the formulation spreads and binds to the lanolin.
  • Fleecebind technology provides full fleece protection.
  • Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 40 days of last treatment
  • Do not treat lactating sheep producing milk for human consumption.
  • Clik Extra is available in 2.2L and 5L.

Dosage of Clik Extra Pour-On:

  • Asses bodyweight accurately before calculating the dosage.
  • If treating animals collectively rather than individually, group animals according to their bodyweight and dose accordingly.
  • Avoid under or over dosing.
  • Clik Extra is administered at 0.6-2ml (39-130 mg dicyclanil)/kg bodyweight.

Dose chart for CLiK Extra for blowfly strike prevention in sheep

Clik Extra Pour-On Application:

  • Apply Clik Extra using a suitably calibrated manual or automatic dosing gun with the correct fan spray nozzle.
  • Shake container thoroughly before use.
  • Clean dosing equipment – dosing gun, nozzle and tubing – before and after use.
  • Calibrate the dosing gun before use.
  • Using the fan spray nozzle, hold the gun 45cm away from the sheep and, using the ‘4 stroke method’, apply one quarter of a dose at a time to deliver a spray width of approximately 10-15cm on the sheep.
  • The correct application of Clik Extra is essential for optimal protection and prevention of blowfly strike.

Application of CLiK products using the 4 stroke method

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