Ovimec Worm Drench

Broad spectrum endectocide of the avermectin family for the treatment and control of the following parasites in sheep.

Gastro-intestinal Nematodes, adults and L4 of Haemonchus Contotus, Ostertagia Circumcincta (also inhibited larvae), Cooperia, Curticel, Trichostrongylus Vitrinus, Trichostrongylus Colubriformis, Nematodirus Battus, adults of Trichuris Ovis, Ostertagia Trifurcata, Trichostrongylus Axel, Nematodirus Filicollis, Strongyloides Papillosus, Oesophagostomum Venulosum and Chabertia Ovina.

Lungworms: Dictyocaulus Filaria (adult and L4).

Nasal Bot: Oestrus Ovis (all larva stages).

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Internet Licence No; INT/LK/078.

See also:

Levafas Diamond, Endofluke & Ranide.

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