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Solantel Pour-On

Solantel pour-on solution for cattle. A closantel only pour-on flukicide for the treatment and control of late immature and adult Fasciola hepatica fluke infestations of cattle. Solantel is a closantel based pour-on and is effective against fluke.

Active substances

1ml of solution contains closantel 200mg, closantel sodium dihydrate 217.5mg and brilliant blue FCF (E133) 0.1mg.

Method and routes of administeration

Single administration only. Dosage of 1ml per 10kg with the pour-on applied along the midline of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and the tail head. Product should not be repeatedly applied to cattle within 10 weeks of first administration.

Bodyweight Dose Volume Number of Full Doses Per Pack
100kg 10ml 100
150kg 15ml 66
200kg 20ml 50
250kg 25ml 40
300kg 30ml 33
350kg 35ml 28
400kg 40ml 25
450kg 45ml 22
500kg 50ml 20
550kg 55ml 18
600kg 60ml 16

Withdrawal periods

Cattle (meat and offal): 63 days. Not authorised for use in cattle producing milk for human consumption, including during the dry period. Do not use during the second half of pregnancy in heifers which are intended to produce milk for human consumption.


See also:

Zerofen 10%, Endofluke & Noromectin Pour-On.

Additional information

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