Tracesure Calf With Copper

  • Complementary mineral feed with flutes and unique leaching technology for calves over 75kg.
  • Consistently releases supplements for 6 months.
  • With flutes and unique leaching technology, for a consistent supply of trace elements, compatible with animals daily requirements.
  • Unique leaching bolus technology for a safer way to supply trace elements, without toxicity.
  • Accurately supplies minerals with the right size bolus for the right size animal.
  • Tracesure calf with copper bolus contains copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium.
  • This product is intended to meet the nutritional needs of ruminants weighing 75 – 200kg.
  • Tracesure calf with copper bolus contains 20 applications in each box.

Benefits of Tracesure Calf With Copper:

  • Hit target weights earlier.
  • Save on feed costs and get more from grass.
  • Support calf development.
  • Avoid growth check at weaning.

Ideal To Give:

  • At weaning.
  • When ruminating.
  • when on solid food.
  • Before turning onto grass.

Directions For Use:

  • This product should only be delivered orally using a suitable animax applicator.
  • For ruminants weighing 75 – 200kg: 1 waxed bolus and 1 grey bolus.


See also:

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